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COEUR D ALENE DOWNTOWN AERIAL 19451980 Press Photo Dodd Block building, Miller, Mower & Flynne in 1899SLEDDING IN SPOKANE 1890s1994 Press Photo Human Hamburger, Larry Bush-Pasadena Park Elementary Principal1994 Press Photo Students join a beer blowout at Boyer Park near Pullman1994 Press Photo Tina Sema finds another entry to Rogers School soccer field1993 Press Photo Ferris high school students spend lunch hour on the hood of car1993 Press Photo Emily Bishop and Chelsey Curran in the one-room schoolhouse1993 Press Photo Students of Blanchard Montessori School enjoy lunchautumn scenes411990 Press Photo Coeur d'Alene High School students wear togas at Toga Dayautumn scenes471990 Press Photo Winton Elementary Principal Bridget Hill surprised by her staff1991 Press Photo Renee Bailey got her hair done for Lilac Princess competition1991 Press Photo Student Tries on Flight Helmet at Pasadena Park Elementary1991 Press Photo Scotland exchange students head to Coeur d'Alene High Prom1991 Press Photo  Matt Wallace and others spread bark, Coeur d'Alene High School1990 Press Photo Winter Scenes. Kelly Muzerall, Lora Mayer and Chris Mayer1989 Press Photo Brothers Scott and Sam Jeffries share a skateboard down a hill1989 Press Photo Election Scenes, Travis Potter peeks out of voting booth