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Current photos on this site were taken by the award winning photographers of The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington. They show the people, events and area of the Inland Empire, a region in northeast Washington state.

Historic photos are from our archives and date back to the early 1880s. We've tried to include a wide variety of subjects, and more will become available as we continually add to this collection over time.

Newspaper pages are from our archives, dating back to mid-June, 1883. Because that encompasses over 130 years, not all pages are shown on this site, but more will be made available as they are requested. You may request a newspaper page reprint by going to the "Order Page Reprints" page on this site and submitting the form.

We hope you find either a photo or a newspaper page that interests you, but if you don't, please go to the "Contact" page and submit a request. We would be more than happy to search our archives to try and find what you want.