Contemporary photos on this site were taken by the award-winning photographers of The Spokesman-Review newspaper in Spokane, Washington. They reflect the events and people within the Inland Empire, the northeastern region of Washington state.

Historic photos are from our archives dating back to the 1880s, comprised of Cowles Publishing Company publications over time, including The Spokesman-Review, The Spokane Daily Chronicle and The Spokane Falls Review. 

Newspaper pages are from these archives, dating back to mid 1883. You may request a specific newspaper page reprint from any edition of our 130 years of print; simply visit the "Order Page Reprints" page on this site and submit the form. An archivist will contact you for known page details and payment information.

We hope you find a photo or newspaper page that interests you, but if you don't, please visit the "Contact" page and submit a request, which will also be fielded by our archivist. We are more than happy to search the archives or locate a contemporary image for you!