You can request a specific page reprint from The Spokesman-Review by going to the CONTACT tab, located in the navigation area on all the pages on this site. You will be able to obtain archive-quality reproductions of almost any front page published by The Spokesman-Review and its predecessor publications (including the Spokane Daily Chronicle, Spokane Falls Review and The Spokesman).

On the CONTACT page be sure to be as specific as possible when noting the page you want, including the headline of the article you're interested in if possible. Be sure to include the text "Page Reprint" in the subject line to insure your request is handled in the most timely manner possible.

Custom-printed reproductions of Spokane’s daily newspapers make an ideal gift to mark birthdays, corporate anniversaries and other important dates. Pages commemorating significant events in history also make outstanding educational displays for dens, office and classrooms.

Unlike many other front-page reprint programs, these pages are reproduced directly from original newspapers or original electronic files, not microfilm.

The Spokesman-Review partnered with Google News Archives to digitize our entire library of microfilm, which makes it searchable on the internet. Go to and search for Spokesman or Chronicle articles and photos. All newspapers are categorized by letter. Click “S” for Spokane/Spokesman and find the newspaper title and dates you want to explore. Click on the newspaper title and scroll through newspapers until you find the article you would like to order. You can also jump to a year or month by entering the information in the “Date” field.

Once you identify what you want, all we need is the date and page number, plus some identifying information about the articles or photos you are interested in, such as the headline or caption text. When we receive your request, we pull the archival book from our archives. (We have 128 years of newspapers that were bound into hard back volumes for historical purposes.) We then carefully slice the binding of the requested book, pulling the appropriate page and scan it. Pages are then digitally restored from these original, archival copies, not from microfilm.

After the page has been restored (historic pages), it will be uploaded to this site and a link to the page will be sent to using the email address you supply with your request. You will be able to click the link, go to the specific page and place your order. All the usual sizes and options will be available, the same as our photo reprints.

Some dates may not be available, due to damage to the original papers; other dates may not be available because early editions of the papers were published weekly or biweekly, instead of daily, so we may not be able to match a specific birthday or anniversary date for those years. Saturday prints are not available from modern issues as a physical paper is no longer printed on that day. Please remember, when ordering papers related to historic dates that the story usually appeared the day after the event.