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Expo_74.jpgEXPO BANDEXPO DUCKSEXPO GOLD PANNINGEXPO NIXONEXPO NORTHWEST ORIENT AIRLINESEXPO '74 SKY RIDE1974 Press Photo Sister Paula Mary Turnbull of Fort Wright College Art Dep.EXPO '74 STAR SHELLRIVERFRONT PARK 041980 Press Photo Riverfront Park Clock Tower1982 Press Photo Spectators enjoying the fireworks at  Riverfront Park, Spokane1983 Press Photo Family taking a stroll at the Riverfront Park1983 Press Photo  Expo 74 butterfly, Riverfront Park1976 Press Photo Ice rink of Riverfront Park Ice Palace grand opening1977 Press Photo Riverfront Park1974 Press Photo Pavilion construction continues, worker hanging cables.1973 Press Photo Nitta signs guest book for King F Cole at Expo '74 Headquarters1974 Press Photo Gypsy cook, Jonno Kalderas, bastes a pig on a spit at Expo '74