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City Hall 1913SRX VALLEY HOSPITAL 19691946 Press Photo The Cambern Brothers Bakery windmill is removed in Spokane1955 Press Photo Six Spokane business firm at N5009 Division building1959 Press Photo The Panda Drive-in restaurant at 1801 Sunset Boulevard1963 Press Photo West Wynn Motel at Sunset and Lindeke, Spokane1961 Press Photo Spokane's newest luxury motel construction is taking shape1962 Press Photo Fire burned the old, three-story brick building at N111 Howard1962 Press Photo Flamingo Cafe restaurant1965 Press Photo Sixth Avenue Restaurant at the 6th Ave Medical-Dental BuildingBlack Angus 03Spokane Airport114Black Angus 02Spokane Airport132Spokane Airport161993 Press Photo Children crossing the road to South Pines Elementary SchoolBridge_1281992 Press Photo Argonne Junior High School demolition to make way for a grocery1963 Press Photo New Chemistry research building at Gonzaga University1990 Press Photo Miles Ave. is too narrow to serve a new Lacey Avenue school.