1969 Press Photo Sgt. James Bather, instructor at Survival School at Air Force1970 Press Photo Snowmobiles used at Survival School1966 Press Photo Major George M. Nedel, makes bed, Air Force Survival School1966 Press Photo Survival implements made from ration tin, key & parachute cord1966 Press Photo Holy Family Hospital-Donald Clumpner, radilogical instructor1966 Press Photo Military at Air Force Survival School look at training map1966 Press Photo Air Force Survival School instructor trainees emerge from woods1965 Press Photo Resusci-Anne w/ Jacklyn Alderson, Brenda Bennett, John W. Colby1965 Press Photo Diana Florin, smoke jumper, shows skills at Girl Scout RoundupCHRONICLE CARRIERS HISTORICALSR 491963 Press Photo Ceremony on the parade grounds at Fairchild Base1963 Press Photo M-Sgt. George Ballantyne instructs class in Fairchild school1963 Press Photo Son of Mr. and Mrs. Holland represents Spokane at Scout Meet1962 Press Photo Verlane Hinthorne, Dental Assisting class- Spokane Trade School1962 Press Photo Practical Nursing Class- Technical & Vocational School1962 Press Photo Capt Pintler Juvenile Officer talks to 5th Grade at Opportunity1947 Press Photo Parapet at Lewis & Clark High School damaged by lightning1950 Press Photo Mrs Perry Miles, secretary in the audio-visual department1950 Press Photo Frank J Benish & Melvin Jensen fill orders for books & supplies