1993 Press Photo Worker seals Drum filled with Dirt and Oil after Drilling1947 Press Photo WWP Workmen struggle with 36-inch valve wheel, Spokane, Wash.1947 Press Photo  Carl Ivar Thure at master control panel, WWP Steam Plant, WA1961 Press Photo Superintendent WC Sorenson points out site of Ferris High Sch1964 Press Photo Donald Thulean and Gerald Hartley Scan Score of Choral Work1941 Press Photo Bernard Anderson inspects jail food served by JE McCracken1942 Press Photo Joseph W Cress convicted murderer with Prosecutor C Quackenbush1956 Press Photo Spokane County Jail1954 Press Photo Inside Spokane City Jail, Spokane, Washington1956 Press Photo Spokane County Jail Sheriff and Officer Talk a Call1957 Press Photo Walter E. Tomson & Cecil L. Hair of the Spokane County Jail1963 Press Photo Police Department Property Clerk Velma J. Carroll with Evidence1965 Press Photo Robert Rauschke & Charles Bliesner at Sheriff Crime Laboratory1966 Press Photo Crowded exercise corridor, Spokane County Jail1967 Press Photo Police Officer shows Master Key, Turnkey for City Jail1967 Press Photo Kootenai County Jail1971 Press Photo Ed. R. Schmidt shows off bunk in Public Safety Building, Jail1973 Press Photo Idaho Gov Cecil D Andrus signs first bill of 19731974 Press Photo Charles R. Carew and L.E. Morris monitor TV at City-County jail1954 Press Photo Farmers Harvesting Wheat at farm near Colfax.