Manuscript1970 Press Photo Dr Hans Moldenhauer examines letter from Beethoven at WSU1953 Press Photo Dr Hans Moldenhauer, Rosaleen Moldenhauer, Raybert Miller1976 Press Photo German composer Dr Wolfgang Fraenkel with Dr Hans Moldenhauer1947 Press Photo Mr and Mrs Hans Moldenhauer, piano trio1969 Press Photo Rosaleen Moldenhauer & husband Hans on Anton Webern terra cotta1960 Press Photo Dr. Hans Moldenhauer1970 Press Photo Dr. Hans Moldenhauer1980 Press Photo Dr. Hans Moldenhauer and wife Rosaleen1962 Press Photo Amalie Waller Webern visits Mr. and Mrs. Hans Moldenhauer1966 Press Photo Mr and Mrs Hans Moldenhauer display Anton von Webern items1970 Press Photo Dr Hans Moldenhauer receives Austrian Cross of Honor1979 Press Photo Hans & Rosaleen Moldenhauer1985 Press Photo Hans Moldenhauer1985 Press Photo Hans Moldenhauer1986 Press Photo Whitworth College Convocation Hans Moldenhauer1955 Press Photo 3 junior officers appointed at Spokane Conservatory of Music1950 Press Photo Group at Spokane Conservatory of Music