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The majority of these photos are prior to Expo '74 and include the area of the Spokane River that directly include or may include the modern day Fearns Conservation Area. (Based on visuals, if caption information is vague or incomplete.) There are a handful of 1974 and post 1974 images that I included in order to give you a complete selection.
BRIDGES-SPOKANE-WASHINGTONBUILDINGS-COOPERExpo_74.jpgExpo_Construction.jpgHAVERMALE ISLAND HISTORICsrx Howard Street Bridge 1934MONROE STREET BRIDGE HISTORICAL1971 Press Photo Scenic view upstream and spectacular Spokane Falls1972 Press Photo Crystal Island, Y.M.C.A. on Havermale Island1972 Press Photo Crystal Island, Y.M.C.A. on Havermale Island1953 Press Photo 480 car parking lot on the east tip of Havermale island.1973 Press Photo Construction on Expo 74 by Havermale Island1972 Press Photo Aerial view of Exposition 1974 site from Coeur d'Alene Hotel1972 Press Photo Spokane River at Upriver Falls with Crystal & Havermale Islands1962 Press Photo Site for new restaurant, Howard St. Bridge over Spokane River1892-Howard Street Bridge, former city hall1973 Press Photo Spokane River's Upper Falls Shows Portion of Crystal Island1977 Press Photo Spokane Falls from Howard Street Bridge in Riverfront Park1973 Press Photo Construction of the Washington-Stevens couplet bridge1972 Press Photo Howard Street and part of Howard St. bridge