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Photos of the late William S. Fearns, this is everything that we have in the system on him.
1965 Press Photo William S Fearn Member of Park Department Staff1966 Press Photo William Fearn and Mrs. Robert Rutherford on Havermale Island1968 Press Photo Nom S. Fearn Park Dept1969 Press Photo Adults Join in Harmon Park Fun1974 Press Photo Officers elected by the Washington Association of Wheat Growers1975 Press Photo Philip Stanton hands carousel building key to Donald Schroeder1976 Press Photo Members of Washington Association of Wheat Growers Election1979 Press Photo William S Fearn1979 Press Photo William S Fearn1983 Press Photo Bill Fearn showing off Sleds for Physically Disabled1984 Press Photo Park Board Party Members tour city Parks and Playgrounds1988 Press Photo Portable Public Address System displayed with Committee Memberssrx_ Fearn_dedication_.jpg